Welcome to my brand new design line of Candle Holders. Get your first Nadine van Veldhuizen object in your (bed)room now.  A tiny sculpture for serious, romantic moment's.

This is an exclusive edition of 8. Every piece casted in its own uni...

After having renewed the facade of my studio I took the craft of lightboxes to a next level.

Last year it was finally time for a much needed window in my studio at the Nijverheid. Searching online for a round sit-in dome window I stumbled on much more amazing stuff you can push out a wall. I fell in love with this vintage Deutz tractor cabin and the result was...

Renting a studio space in a creative free heaven as The Nijverheid sometimes means changes. I do not always handle change as positive as I would like to. My family would call this me being stubborn. But it worked out! My old four pivot paneled sculpture moved outside t...

On 12th of Januari 2017 Nadine van Veldhuizen hosts the workshop for sculptural assemblage inspired by the artistic hand of Rodin.

Nadine van Veldhuizen exhibits her sculpture series "Enabling Disabilities" in Huis Barnaart, Haarlem (NL) during the Haarlem Kunstlijn. The group exhibition "Pre Present" is curated by Iris Cornelis.

On november 4th, 5th and 6th Haarlem's art route Kunstlijn Haarlem crosses Huis Barnaart. 

Titled Pre Present, Claus Leinenbach invited me together with five other artists to exhibit the confluence of junctures in our work. Intense emotions, evolutionary processes,...

Friend and colleague Thomas Sadee exhibits his Neon Dada era in Hardebollenstraat.

Das Spectrum, the Utrecht-based residency and artists’ initiative, will open their group exhibition Let us meet and let us meet again, at Casco on Saturday 18 June 2016 at 17:00 hrs. Please join us to celebrate!

Let us meet and let us meet again concerns the connection...

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