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Acrylic One,  Concrete 


Autonomous research

While learning in my first bachelor year the technique of mold making, one thing became very clear to me. Precise measuring and  building a multiple releasing mold to cast a figure in was not where my interests lay. Therefore I searched for ways of making sculptures in different ways


Although, these past years I felt the urge to work with a one piece releasing mold in order to be able to cast the sculptures I wanted to create. In this research I find out I do prefer casting with a flexible mold without another strong supporting mold. When casting a serie of heads from this singular mold, the flexible mold wil slowly wear down.

This proces defines each new pored piece in a unique way over and over. And also dictates the amount of runs thus thereby it means a natural ending for a cast serie. I found this interesting and put use to this flaw in the technique, for me in a way the get visibly more stronger sculptures.  

I'am aware of the coincidences that happen while working on my sculptures en tend to use this as present and a fact I choose for. for example witch casting with colored acrylic one and not to use a release agent in the mold, there will always be a residu of material left that will appear back into the next pored piece. It gives me great joy as every new work is like unwrapping a present as I can't always influence the outcome as I see life works quite the same.


2016-2018 Acrylic One



2018 Acrylic One


Kut Kop K

2019 Acrylic One, Concrete



2020 Acrylic One, Concrete



2020 Clay

(Tragically she did not survive het promising youth)

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