2019 - a diptych of two sculptures

Cardboard, Foam, Silver, Epoxy, Aluminium

9000x120x140, 207x45,45 

The mermaid serving as a figurehead of the Steltloper to safeguard and protect all its inhabitants for the world outside. Opposing the swimmer, once a figure daring the outside world in as invite to connect. Who, as the Steltloper became inhabited, compressed into a monument to become a silent witness to all life surrounding them.   


Nadine van Veldhuizen’s work shows us tormented yet wondrous figurative sculptures.

To reveal multiple aspects of our personality. In her research she dives underneath the surface of the human identity.

Through her sculptures Nadine helps us reflect at the versatility of people and all the different layers of state of mind. She pushes the characteristics of materials that a re familiar for everyone, to its limits to construct and shape her figures. Cardboard for building up muscle tension, aluminium frames to function as the backbone and silver ornaments treasure the past. In their own existence the figures claim their autonomy, though the interaction between them creates a new conversation.

Commissioned by Wonam I created a sculpture for the Steltloper in Amsterdam. As a lot of big assignments normally won't work out the way they were intended by the artist due to different opinions of people involved during the proces of creation. See it as an producers versus directors cut we now from movies, has this sculpture also went trough transformation. As you can see below



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