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2016 - series of sculptures

Cardboard, Wood, Foam, Plaster

Tormented, exasperated, provocative creatures express an interplay between flesh and bones, vulnerability and strength.


To construct and shape her sculptures Nadine van Veldhuizen pushes the characteristics of materials, which everyone is familiar with, to their utmost limits. In this way she researches the autonomy of the human figure. By affording the figure a distorted and warped look she cherishes the true and real nature of humanity: a battle between vulnerability and strength.

at Burgerweeshuis / Amsterdam (NL)

Graduation show - Material Utopias, Michelly Sugui, Robert Grundström, Marijke Annema, Nandi Enthoven, Laura Fügmann, Vincent Knopper, Sarah Meyers, Tjalling Mulder, Alice Ronchi, Robin de Vogel, Daniel van Dijck, Nadine van Veldhuizen, Ea Polman

at Huis Barnaart  / Haarlem (NL)

Pre Present, Iris Bouwmeester, Willem Harbers, Alet Pilon, Nadine van Veldhuizen, Pim Tieland, Claus Pierre Leinenbach

at CBK Zeeland / Middelburg (NL)

Wie ben jij?, summer residency

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