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Welcome to my brand new design line of Candle Holders. Get your first Nadine van Veldhuizen object in your (bed)room now. A tiny sculpture for serious, romantic moment's.

This is an exclusive edition of 8. Every piece casted in its own unique colour code. The material, Acrylic One is an eco as possible friendly product with the strength of plastics plus fire resistant quality's.

>Serie I (the beheaded one) for €30,00

or go bigger and choose a statue of >Serie II for €35,00.

Please send me a message when interested so we wil find a solution together for a save distancing exchange.

Now you can have a first Nadine van Veldhuizen product/sculpture in your (bed)room, for every romantic moment. Buy now! Send me message when interested and we wil find a way together for save exchange.

#kunstintijdenvancorona #supportyourlocalartist #Candle #AcrylicOne

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